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  • How do I place a custom order?
    We would be honored to work together with you and are so humbled by your consideration. Email us at with Custom Order for your subject line. If you have dimensions, materials and a couple visuals, this will be very helpful for us to have an idea of what you're thinkig of. If your inquiry starts with, "Okay, this might be crazy" or ends with "is this possible?" WE ARE STOKED TO WORK TOGETHER.
  • How do I care for these products?
    Good question! Thank you for considering these products, first of all! Secondly, because we are using a variety of materials, it is hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer for caring for products. Most of the products we sell can be wiped down for cleaning, and are thought to be for interior use. If you think you'll be using a product outside, you can seal it with a protective seal. We use water-based Varathane for our custom exterior orders. We will provide cleaning and care instructions with an order if we find it necessary.
  • Where do you source your materials?
    As we grow in our expertise of locating locally-sourced materials, we will add to our vendor list. As for now, we are upcycling where we can (cardboard as a main example), or buying our materials from our local hardware stores. We are avoiding Amazon and bigger chain stores when possible. This will be also be reflected in our pricing, and we thank you again for supporting our economy and our small business.
  • What if a product arrives damaged in the mail?
    THANK you for your purchase, first off... secondly, what a bummer! We will not leave you high and dry. Please, don't feel like you need to stay silent. We will try to work something out. Please Email us at
  • What is your order cancellation policy?
    From one indecisive person to another (add in a bit of impulsive buyer too), we get it! As we strive to make our "yes a yes, and no a no", we hope you will treat us with the same dignity. As we deal with larger quantities of materials to process your orders, if you commit to ordering a wholesale order, we will be expecting a 50% deposit. The rest can be paid upon retrieval of invoice or order. If you cancel your order BEFORE we send you proofs of design, we will refund you 100% of your order. We will not refund an order for buyer's remorse. We strive to be flexible and understanding, so if there are any concerns please Email us at
  • What materials can you work with?
    We can engrave and cut on pretty much anything EXCEPT for uncoated metals and certain plastics. Glass, leather, wood, suede, hard plastic, fabric, paper, cardboard and more!
  • How do you calculate your costs?
    Thank you for considering our services. We calculate costs based on materials used, time spent designing a product, machine minutes, and time spent on finishing a product. If your custom engraved or cut product is your own material the price is significantly cheaper as we omit the material costs. We want to provide engraving services locally, so this would be ideal. If you have an inquiry, simply Email us at with subject ORDER INQUIRY and we will provide a quote once we have all your information and proceed from there!
  • It's cheaper for a business to place additional orders with you. WHY?
    This is an awesome question, and one that we receive alot. We WANT to work with businesses to get their logo/brand out there! We base our prices off of time designing your product. So, the first time you order a custom logo product, we have a $30 digitalization fee. Any subsequent order we will have already done the logo design and the initial fee will be waived EVERY TIME- giving you a better deal the more times you decide to use our custom logo services! Although we accept custom orders, the time it takes to design and produce the ONE product is lengthy. However, if we can print, say, 30 key chains with your logo on it, we provide better deals the more that we can produce for the time that we spent designing it. I hope that makes sense. If you have any ideas or questions of how to create promotional items, please do not hesitate to write us at
  • What are some examples of "business tools" you sell?"
    This is our primary goal for the service we'd like to provide! We want to partner with businesses to get your business name, brand, or logo OUT THERE. We are open to custom orders and would be honoured if you'd allow us to help promote your brand. If you have an idea of a promotional item, or a marketing idea, we'd love to help brainstorm or bring your idea to life. We can mass produce laser-cut items and simply engrave an URL, logo or slogan. These items are unique and will speak volumes to the hands they reach. Some examples of promotional items we've made so far are: QR codes Travel Mugs Trucker Hats Coasters Ornaments Rubber Stamps Wooden labels (for toques) Ultrasuede tags (for crocheted or knit items) Key chains Wall decor Engraved logo on leather gloves
  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
    YES. Yes we do. Please inquire at If you think some of our products would be perfect in your retail location, or even if you have an idea of something we could produce for you in bulk, we'd love to partner with you!
  • Can I tweak a product I like on your page?
    Yes! If you see something on our shop or our social media pages, but you'd like to change something or it sparks another creative idea, we'd love to work with you to bring your idea to fruitition! Please Email us at and we'll go from there! :)
  • I want to order promotional items for my business. How does it work?
    Thanks for considering our business as we strive to help YOU promote your business! We are not limited to the options we have on our site, however, as of today, our engraved tumblers or trucker hats are our top sellers for promotional items. You can Email us at with your inquiry and we go from there! We will ask for your idea and your logo. We will digitalize your logo (with a ONE-TIME digitalization fee) and chat about the design on the product. There will be a 50% deposit expected and the remainder to be paid upon retrieval of the order or invoice. Thanks again for considering our business! We look forward to providing this service to other business owners like yourself.
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