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Laser-cut and engraved on 3mm Lauan Plywood. These plaques are 10cm wide. 

The preemie edition of these milestone discs comes in a 24-pack with all the firsts a preemie will accomplish like smiling, kangaroo cuddles, getting tubes removed, and so much more. When you order this 24-pack, Three Peaks Creations will donate 5% from your ENTIRE order to our local NICU (Penticton, British Columbia).

Custom milestone discs are available with for an additonal cost. Email BEFORE placing your order for inquiries.

Preemie Milestone Discs (24-pack)


The bottom line is that we want you to be happy! We strive to deliver excellent customer service. However, we need to be in direct communication with you in order to provide you with the customer service that you deserve. If we made a mistake with your order, we will always amend it- we need you to contact us directly at Three Peaks Creations strives for customer service excellence. Please contact us right away if there has been an error or mistake on our part. 

Because our products are highly customizable, and because we offer so many different options, we highly recommend contacting us before you order if you have any questions at all. If you have any questions at all, Email us at ! Please remember that you are purchasing a handmade item. Please allow for evidence of the handmade process. We do NOT REFUND OR REPLACE FOR REMORSE REGARDING OPTIONS/CHOICES.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us prior to ordering. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they select the correct option, and fill out the custom inquiry accordingly. This includes proper spelling and grammer. If you have any concerns, we are here to help. We are more than happy to assist you and address any concerns and questions that you may have. Please contact us directly at If there is anything faulty, we will always amend it. 

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