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We're a married couple wanting to provide a laser engraving service to our communities. We are striving to help other businesses promote their businesses by getting their logos out there on various products. We also provide custom laser engraving and laser cutting work.  

Philipp: ​the brains behind the machine. 
Phil is detail-oriented, efficient, and has the Red Seal in CNC programming. Oh, and he's Swiss. When you think of the Swiss, they're reserved but extremely loyal, they're tidy, but can still have a good time, although words may be few, their yes is yes and their no is no. Another important detail is that the Swiss love chocolate. Those things basically sum up Phil. There is no one else that you want to design your product or to run the laser cutter. Not only will he provide high-quality service, but he will also be doing it with love for you, our customer. 

Charlene: the one behind the screen.
Char is the one most likely on the other side of the screen in your interactions with Three Peaks Creations. She's Canadian (an Okanagan local) and after her years in Switzerland has come to value genuine speech and intentionality. She may be a bit of a chatty Kathy, but she will bend over backward to show you how much we want you to appreciate what we make for you. She is a bubbly, creative, and genuine person who wants the customer to feel at home with every interaction we may share.

Where did the name Three Peaks come from?

Phil comes from Bern, Switzerland, Charlene from Osoyoos, British Columbia.

Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau are a popular trio: they are the names of three neighbouring mountain peaks in the Bernese Alps. The mountains are one of the main similarities between where both of us grew up. Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau inspired the name of this business endeavor.

Where do you find the time?

Between juggling Phil's full-time job and raising three (soon-to-be four) lovely humans, Phil and Char are running the laser, thinking up product ideas, and fulfilling orders with joy and love. As we grow Phil is able to reduce his "other" work hours and spend more time on the laser machine. 

We are a
family-owned and operated small business passionate about creating great quality products that bring you (and us!) joy. Our niche has moved towards promotional products- like the trucker hats and tumblers you see on the home page, but we still accept custom orders. We will design and create a variety of objects using a variety of media using laser engraving and 3D. We will laser engrave wood, leather, acrylic, glass, and rubber to create stamps, signs, labels, tags, award plaques, and unique objects. We will also engrave items sent to us. Using wood and leather as our primary media we will create custom-designed objects using a 3D router. We can work with more materials like cork, felt, fabric, paper, cardboard, and more!


We seek to honor and glorify God with this business and must mention that Jesus is our passion even more so than the laser cutting and engraving. We seek to do business with love, because of the example that's been set before us in Jesus.

Thank you for stopping in today, we appreciate your support in the development of our local business. 

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